Tips for crown molding

Tips for crown molding

1. Make sure that every length of crown molding spring angle you buy exactly the same, width and thickness. Why? Building supply stores buy their crown (and trim) from a number of manufacturers, each of them using standard fabrication / tolorances different.

2. Always check your sawing square before you start. For each of your saw is out, you will get double the error for each match you cut.

3. It is much easier to cut your crown molding laid flat (face up) with a compound saws hat. Also, for the ceiling tilted, some cuts are not possible with a hat saws.

4. For added strength, using wood glue in all the joints.

5. To weld / join your crown or cut, 30 ° and 45 ° blade tilted caps work best.

6. Sealing all joints and upper and lower parts of his crown and cut. Using a co-Free spackling nail holes. (Filling nail holes will leave a visible dimples.)

7. Use a nail gun to speed up completion of the installation, as well as avoid the hammer and nail punch dings.

8. Do not nail closer than 6 “to match the length of the crown pieces or cut. For short works, you can paste the joints and / or the use of adhesives under the crown or cut.

9. The wall length measurements should be marked on the back of the bottom edge or cutting crown molding. When cut to the brand, it is best to make the first cut at least 1/2 “into the exhaust side of the crown or trim, and then make small cuts until you reach milestones Your Time.

10. Do not “chop cut” your crown or cut. Let the blade work. Easy sawing through the material slowly.

11. Use a carbide blade-tilt. A 24 tooth blade or above will work. Remember that both mating surfaces will be hidden when finished. It is not important to have a smooth cut surface, just know that it is cutting at accurate angles.

12. Do yourself a crown molding or trim the sample. These templates can be used with a hat or compound saws sawing. With a hat cone single compound saws, you have 16 positions on crown and 8 positions for trim. For a double bevel compound saws hat, you have 32 positions on crown and trim 16 positions. Avoid confusion, use your templates.

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