Sometimes you need a palm nailer

Sometimes you need a palm nailer

A palm nailer fits in the palm of your hand and makes driving anything from a 1.5- to 3.5-inch nails effortlessly 16D.

Even with the heavy palm nailers available that still fit your hand and drive anything from a 2 to a 6-inch nail.

A palm nailer has a great advantage compared to a conventional hammer – it can get into tight spaces while holding the hammer nails from its surface. So if you are crucified without room to swing a hammer, or are up against a moment, or nailed to the ceiling, you can nail easily. This tool is a hammer.

Plus a best palm nailer reviews have an advantage over your nail gun – it uses ordinary nails that you can buy in bulk from any store, instead of the special nail strips used by a nail gun.

Air-powered palm drivers require an air compressor and hose, which makes it a little less convenient to use, although some models feature a rotating male-connected.

Cordless palm nailers is very portable and easy to use in tight spaces. They tend to be more expensive but the performance is just as good as a pneumatic nailer.

If you already use wireless tools, there is a palm nailer from the same manufacturer, so you can use the battery and charger you had.

Or if you need to buy other wireless tools, look for deals including battery and charger in a kit with the tools that you want. Usually when you buy a set, you get the tools, batteries and chargers for less than you might pay for the battery / charger alone.

UseĀ a palm nailer

As the name suggests, this tool lies in the hand – left or right – your hands. It has a strap fits on the back of the hand should be very comfortable and quiet. Insert the nail into the collar of the tool, and it was held there from the count until you activate this tool.

Press the button on the tool away or push itself causing a hammer in the tool to drive nails. A 3.5-inch nail 16D is adjusted in about one second and the palm nailer will deal with hard wood very well.

Since the tools are doing the work, it is only necessary to locate the nail with slight pressure. Also, there is almost no chance to bend the nail with a poorly aimed blow your fingers out of the way always.

In addition, there is no opportunity to slip out and damage nails and the nail surface can be controlled to set up a flush, again without damaging the surface of the work.

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