Hitachi NR90AE Review

Hitachi introduced to little when it comes to construction machinery. It is a well known name in the field of technology and their new NR90AE framing nailer reviews does not disappoint. A tool extremely light weight with ideal power to weight ratio, power tools became headline above.

Hitachi NR90AE Review

Let’s have a look through some of the features of this powerful machine.

Feature of Hitachi NR90AE

1. Power source:

Hitachi NR90AE is a machine powered with a 3/8 NPT thread air input. Operating pressure of about 70-120 psi supply, and is more than enough to make part of the task of nailing.

2. Innovation tough claws head:

This framework installed nail with a claw tips tough. Typically, nailers usually break their nose easily. Nail this frame, from the house of Hitachi, ensuring that the nose is not worn by frequent use. In addition, the slide can be prevented in the tasks of the toe nail.

3. Automatic depth adjustment

Sometimes, most of the spinning framing nailers quite tedious in practical use. Well, different materials require different compression pressures to adjust the depth of usage. However, it will not be the case with Hitachi NR90AE. It comes preloaded with a knob to set the compression depth and pressure for driving nails.

4. Carbon steel toenail

The nails are part of any nails that look worn maximum frame and tears. With repeated use for some time, the effective loss of toenails and the chance that the nailer will go through its mainly. However, this stud is provided with a carbon steel toenail but is down when compared with conventional steel nails. It provides relatively better crucified when compared to the conventional nailers.

5. Types of nails

This nailer nails acceptance of two strips 3-1 / 2 ” of 21 degrees, but by convention, is the most common nail. Two-piece aluminum magazine is the latest addition to this product line of framing nailers from Hitachi. With a capacity of 64 magazines and discharge rate 3 nails per second, this machine is definitely a deal-breaker.

6. Easy to change driving modes

If you are a professional contractor operating in the construction sector, or just a regular home manufacturer, you may have to face a situation where changing the mode of operation and accessories is quite complex. However, this machine has a switch pushing smart enough viable products to change fire mode from single user to fire sequentially, immediately.

7. Minimalistic noise production

One of the worst problems with framing nailers is the amount of noise they produce, during operation. extended its grip to ensure a minimum of vibration and make sure that the noise produced is minimal.

8. Precision

Anyone who has been in the field long powerful tools to understand the importance of a good grip. Understand non-slip elastomer coating offers perfect handling. Therefore, when aggregated with the distribution system of its intelligent power, it provides accurate output for each unique user.

Who should buy?

The Hitachi NR90AE Round Head 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer is a machine perfect for professionals of this segment. According to the experts aim for perfection, this machine will help them achieve it. With smart switch driving deep and vibration isolation pads it, any chance of missing targets will automatically be reduced.

In addition, this crucifixion comes handy too when some patch work is to be done regularly. It provides energy-efficient, rich enough to draw nails into solid floor. Therefore, this machine is an ideal buy for an individual homemaker and a specialist contractors at the same time.


The framing nailers segment is one of the very high competition. However, this crucifixion from Hitachi managed to turn the head and by its exceptional handling and strength, won rich praise from its users happy. The NR90AE is a special machine and it is clear that the proposal for the next frame nailed your purchase.

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