Finish Nailer’s Nailer or Nail Guns

Finish Nailer is one of the most suitable products that used to do works properly with high speed. A nail gun or nailer is a power tool used in place of a hammer to drive nails into various types of materials at very high speeds. We can use them for the home and industrial uses. They contain larger quantities of nails in the nailer. While we are using the nailer, the nails will eject and reload automatically by the tool’s operation system. That’s why finish nailer will make your work more expedient, efficient and easier. The finish nailer’s take nails of various thicknesses are the requirement of us. While working for roofing/ shingles, framing, trimming, molding, woodworking, crafts, and so on.

Finish Nailer’s Nailer or Nail Guns

If you are researches nail guns or nailers over the Internet and you will find that they are divided into several different categories:

  • air nail guns
  • pneumatic-powered nailers
  • gas-powered nail guns
  • cordless nail guns
  • stick nailers
  • coil nail guns
  • combustion nail guns
  • spring-loaded nailers
  • solenoid nail guns
  • framing guns
  • gas finish guns
  • Brad Nailers

But don’t worry by reading this bunches of nail gun from above. We will help you to know more about the each nail guns.

Nailer Type

The nailers are available in market are of two types and they are coil and strip configurations.

·       Coil-Style

Coil-style nailers use long, flexible strings of nails joined with wires. A round magazine on the tool stores the nails in a coil. These nailers can fit into spaces that will not accommodate many strip-style models. Coil-style nailers hold more nails than a strip-style model, which means you won’t need to reload as often.

·       Strip-style

Strip-style nailers use nails arranged on a long, slender strip or stick that slides into an oblong magazine on the tool. Strips of paper, plastic or wire hold the nails together. This configuration distributes the weight of the nails rather than concentrating it in a roll, giving the tool better balance than a coil-style nailer.

Choosing Nails for the Finishing nailer

The nails used in finish nailers are joined together with the help of paper, plastic or wire. Many have clipped heads that allow the nails to sit closely together in a solid line. And the others are secured together in long strands with flexible wire. Most of the layer has lubricant/adhesive. As the nail contacts the nailing surface, the compound heats and lubricates the nail. When the compound cools, it bonds the nail to the nailing surface, increasing the holding strength.

Features of Finish Nailer’s Nail Gun

When you have choose the type of nailer that works best for your projects, look for features that will make the work easier and more efficient. Here is some special features of nail guns.

  • Directional exhaust systems allow you to channel the tool’s exhaust. This feature is valuable when working in a dusty area. Some exhaust systems require special tools for adjustment, while others are tool-free.
  • Jam-clearing systems simplify maintenance, since nails occasionally jam in the mechanism.
  • Depth adjustment allows you to control how far the tool drives a nail into the work surface. Nailers can leave nails protruding, sink them flush or even countersink them depending on the depth setting. Some nailers require tools for depth adjustment, while you can adjust others by hand.
  • Large triggers make it easier to operate the tool with gloved fingers.
  • Carrying cases protect the nailer from damage during transport.
  • Swiveling air connectors on pneumatic nailers reduce air hose tangles. They also allow you to easily move the air hose out of the way when you reload.
  • Protective guards prevent damage to the tool and protect you from flying debris. Guards can wear out with use, so look for ones that you can easily replace.
  • Nail size adjustment allows you to change nail sizes as you switch tasks.
  • Work lights improve visibility of the work surface.

Air or Pneumatic Powered Nail Guns and Gas Powered Nailers

The nail guns of finish nailer are of two types according to their functions. You may find something confusing while you are going to market to buy a best finish nailer. So don’t worry, we will help you to buy the right one for your perfect work.

Air or Pneumatic Nail Gun

Air nail gun is the first invented nail gun. This was issued in 1960 to World War II vets John Ollig, Reuben Miller, and Marvin Hirsch, along with lumberyard owner James Westerholm. And this was actually designed by Ollig, Miller, and Hirsch.

The air nail gun uses the air pressure for to force the drives and that drives nails the material like wood, metal, concrete, etc… Air pumps are connecting externally to the power tool’s chamber via a hose. Its working is same as the working of air piston. When the nail gun is triggered, a piston creates an explosion of compressed air in to it. That cause the nail gun to shoot fastener with forcefully into the object that you need to be nailing. At the same time another nail will automatically loaded from the gun’s magazine.

Gas Nail Gun

The first gas nail gun was introduced by the Paslode Company, a division of Illinois Tool Works as gas powered nail gun to the world in 1986. It has expediency, efficiency, and ease; this high-powered combustion tool provided more versatility and maneuverability than the air nail guns. There is no a clumsy external hose or cords attached to the gas nail gun.

Normally, flammable fuels such as liquid petroleum or butane are stored in disposable internal battery and cell for gas nail guns. The fuel will release, when the nail gun is triggered. The battery are used in gas nail gun is to create a spark to ignites the fuel.  This results an explosive energy shoot for the nail into the material from the nail gun to the nailing part. At the same time another nail will automatically loaded to nail gun. Gas nail guns are usually cordless and are often referred to by that name. is a professional site for many types of finish nailers in the market, analyze the models from different brands and offers shopping guide.

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