23-Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews

23-Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews

While a 18-gauge brad nailer can solve most of the pneumatic nailer need for woodworking, a 23-gauge pin nailer is a really handy tool. It can drive no or mild head first into the mold thin brads stickpin subtle and hardly leave a trace. You can use it to attach to glass door cabinets tainers, by pinning or tacking key cutting for projects and cabinets to keep it safe while the glue sets. Therefore, it is handy, but you probably will not need a turban for each project. And, while the market is full of options, I chose a test team that I think will meet the needs of our regular best pin nailer reviews that can drive screws long enough to hold 1 / 2 “or 3/4” stock safely while being reasonable price at about $ 100 or less. You can spend more for high-end models, or at least $ 30 for the “bargain” brand with a 1 “nail length limit, but I think this group of eight is probably worth your wisest for all-around use.

Testing Goals

Pin nailers must be able to drive the longest nail their magazines will be held on the hard wood. To test their mettle, I set my compressor to 90

400 psi and fired nails per serving (or 13/16 “or 13/8” long, depending on the engine) to the 8/4 style. While it is a difficult challenge, all eight engines have worked without a single jam.

But corn is not where a pin will earn its stripes almost every time: you want to nail it carefully without flawing work surface, which often happens with brad nailers. So, I drove another 100 feet per gun into the soft, round your tree to check nailed finesse.

Some 4,000 nails then, I’ve learned a few things about the pinners, and I had a favorite here. Read on to find out the gun was top honors.

Three Premium Nailers

Pin nails up to 2 “long available, but to push them you will need a nailer full size. Currently, there are three advanced options: the Cadex CPB23.50 ($ 269.95), FinishPro SENCO 23LXP of ($ 229) and GREX of p650 ($ 288). the high quality gun will fire all batteries nail length short, but there is the convenience of full service does not come with a higher prices are common for high-quality tools.

Who Nailed the Win?

All-around “Best Bet” My selection by Hitachi, which offers good performance, designed and priced quite reasonably. If Rotek come with a warranty, affordable dark horse this may have been stolen “best bet” to win here. However, it earned a second play an important test of the crucifixion.

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